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Lesson Success

Great lessons require the effort of parents, students and teachers.  Please read below for more information!

Parent Expectations + Responsibilities


  • Support your child: remind and encourage regular practice!  Younger students in particular often need structure and support as good practice habits are established.

  • ​Consistency is the key!  This means coming to lessons, and practicing regularly throughout the week.  A good goal for younger students (ages 5-8) is 15-20 minutes, at least 4-5 days a week.  For students 8+, 20-45 minutes 4-5 days a week is great.

  • Provide a practice environment that is free from distractions (family, computer, TV, phone.)  


  • Pay tuition on time.  For questions regarding tuition, please contact the school directly.  Online payments are accepted!


  • Communicate with your teacher.  We are here to help your child grow musically, and welcome any questions/concerns you may have.


  • Encourage your child to participate in recitals.  Recitals are a wonderful resource to set goals, gain confidence and focus through performance, and meet other students! 



Student Expectations + Responsibilities


  • Practice 15+ minutes at least 4-5 days per week. 

  •  Read over tips in  your lesson log, and make sure you complete all assignments, which may include songs, worksheets and exercises.

  • Bring all books to each lesson


  • Participate in group classes and recitals - these are wonderful opportunities to share your talent and challenge yourself musically!

  • Ask your teacher questions!  We are on your side, and we are here to help.













Teacher Expectations + Responsibilities


  • Provide focused, positive and individualized lessons to each student.


  • Encourage and foster a love of music, and clearly communicate short and long-term goals.


  • Develop well-rounded musicians through a mix of theory, technique and repertoire.


  • Communicate with students and parents to make sure goals are met and lessons are successful for all involved.






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